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Holiday Season in Nanobit

Cupcake Breakfast

Friday the 14th was an exceptional day at Nanobit. Since early morning there was a holiday aroma in the air… A couple of curious faces looked into the kitchen and yes, our noses were right! We got presents from our partner companies in the form of cupcakes & they were as delicious as they seemed. Not long after we satisfied our taste buds and sugar cravings, a message arrived.

 Let's hunt!

A cryptic message, at that. Right on our reception desk! But, it did mention something about treasure, and we like treasure. Most of us got up from our stations and went on a quest to find this treasure. The hidden message contained a hint as to where our next clue could be. A group of five hunters turned into a group of 15 hunters and sure enough, after turning almost the entire office upside down, we found it.

A golden box full of sweets! Our kind of treasure. ;)

 Secret Santa is in town

Overdosed on sugar, we waited until noon when all Secret Santas brought their presents. The noise of unwrapping presents filled the office, followed by laughter and excitement. Sketchbooks, model cars, travel vouchers, keychains, mugs… Everything carefully handpicked for that ultimate joy!

 Party Time!

Of course, no Friday is complete without a party, right? We decided to end this week at the Lobby food & mood restaurant… And hey, maybe start our Saturday there as well. :D Great food filled our bellies and great music filled our ears. It didn't take long for us to relax & occupy the dance floor.

 The party was off the hook & we're still telling tales about it in the office halls. Now we're ready for holidays!

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