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Xmas fever in Nanobit

Almost Christmas Morning

Christmas spirit & ugly sweaters were no strangers in our office in December. Some Nanopeeps could hardly wait for that one special Friday full of surprises. On December 15th, all employees were welcomed with lots of presents under the Christmas tree with custom heart-warming and motivational notes. Wonderful messages and happy Nanopeeps gathered around the Christmas tree and unpacked the bits of joy. Lots of wrapping paper, happy faces and Christmas sweaters. 

 Secret Santa

Surprises just kept on coming. Before lunch, all Secret Santas brought their presents, so after lunch, it was time to unwrap all those gifts. The Secret Santa presents were carefully chosen according to each persons hobbies, tastes and interests and all the employees truly made a great effort to be a great Secret Santa & not to reveal their identity. Fashion accessories, art tools, warm blankets, items for cat lovers, Christmas decor.. You name it, we had it!

 Friday Night Fever

The highlight of the happy Friday was definitely the Christmas party in Vetro bar in the evening. Cocktails for a warm welcome, all sorts of super - tasty foods and drinks and creative music choices got all Nanopeeps in a mood for party. Creative dance moves & outfits made our party the best one in town. The photo booth was crowded at all times & we produced so many unforgettable memories.

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