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Nanobit Game Jam 2018: Going Hyper Casual

Creating a game in only 48 hours may sound like a challenge, but we have a passion for those. :D 

4th Nanobit Game Jam was held on 16th & 17th of November. 41 participants spent the two days brainstorming, programming, illustrating and creating awesomeness while having fun.

 This year, the theme was hyper-casual and the teams were formed freely, which gave Nanopeeps space to strategize with choosing the team they want to join.

 “Every Game Jam we have so much fun, but this one we enjoyed particularly. I liked the fact that we were able to choose our teammates. Everyone was so enthusiastic and eager to learn new things. At the end of the second day we had some new Unity level design experts. We are satisfied with our game. All games were amazing and I can't believe what we managed to produce in two days. Can't wait for the next one.” 

Marta, Game Developer & NanoKit team leader

 Game Jam proved to be an amazing team building experience, where people have a chance to socialize, get out of their comfort zones & show off their skills.

 “Fueled by enthusiasm, hard bass, pizza and bad puns, this weekend is one of those that'll likely stay in our fondest memories for a long while. Every single person I met during the game jam improved this experience and reminded me of the joy we feel while making games, which all beamed imagination and skill so even under the constrictive ruleset we produced a variety of completely different and interesting projects. The efficiency of my team, with skill and experience in every department, a lot of imagination and dedication to the goal produced what I believe to be not only an incredible game but also a work of art I’m immensely proud of. This has been my most enjoyable game jam experience so far, and with a team of such experts who work so well together I'd even dare say the most fun game making experience I've had.” 

Marko, Game Developer & Peas’n’Ants team leader

 As a result of the highly productive weekend, the teams produced four games: Bumbershoots, RollerTube, Ballz Through The Wallz & Icy Tap: Arctic Meltdown. Teams presented the games to the NanoPublic in the Pac Man zone on Monday.

 During our lunch break, we tried out the games to see what they’re made of (literally). :D Our panel of judges consisted of our CEO’s Alan & Zoran, Art Director Iva, Head of Product Jure, Technical Director Luka, while the 6th vote was decided by NanoPeeps.  We voted in three categories: Best Art, Best Sound & Best Game. 

Team Lämp dazzled the judges and the NanoPublic & they won in both Best Sound & Best Game category, while team Peas’n’ Ants took the Best Art award.

 “Team Lämp is a beautiful group of young creative individuals who gathered to create something unique and unbelievable. The initial idea for the game theme was a product of a brainstorming about potential mechanics which would make the gameplay appealing to the players and we soon realized that endless running and contagious music are the way to go. We’re glad our idea was ranked as the best among the judges. We have some paintball action waiting for us, during which we’ll listen to hard bass to create the desired atmosphere. Game Jam 2018 was an amazing experience and I believe we all can’t wait for the next one.” 

Domagoj, Game Developer & Lämp team leader

 The ultimate winners, Lämp won group paintball, other teams received a consolation prize in the form of Nanobit Champaigne, so they can drink their sorrows away. ;)

 “In two short days, Žorževi morževi went from a random bunch of individuals... To a team of fantastic game developers... Or maybe we didn’t, but it doesn’t matter. We did, however, experience that Game Jam can be a fantastic team building. This was a fun opportunity for all of us to be spontaneous and creative, to learn something new and to work together.” 

Lana, Game Developer & Žorževi Morževi team leader

Congratulations to all participating teams, we’re happy to know they had such an amazing time while creating amazing games. When’s the next one??? We’re ready! :D

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