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Medulin Adventure

Adventure time!

It's that time of the year again! The time of the year when our entire team embarks on an epic journey in pursuit of a new adventure. The location we've chosen this year is beautiful Medulin, situated in Istra. Around noon on Friday, we’ve arrived at our beautiful hotel, Park Plaza Belvedere, where we were first greeted by a lovely lunch that the hotel staff had prepared. After we settled in, it was time for our first activity, a treasure hunt!

Ready To Hunt?

We got split into 10 teams, each containing 9-10 people. We were given a series of tasks which we had to solve in order to collect enough points to get the final clue on where the treasure itself is buried. The tasks were of a great variety, finding historical locations all over the town, taking group photos at certain spots, comparing postcards of old buildings with the buildings of today and finding the differences. The treasure hunt lasted a total of three hours, and each team had to work quickly to try and get the treasure for themselves. It seems the treasure wasn’t only buried, it was sunken in the sea, just like a real pirate treasure would! One of the people from the winning team had to go swimming to find it. The quickest team was victorious, and they got to share the treasure amongst themselves Our treasure hunt concluded, and we were off to our hotel for some free time and relaxation. Some took this opportunity to take a dip in the hotel pool or even the sea, as the weather was sunny and warm.

 Party Time!

In the evening we had an after party on a beach bar. Everyone had a little allowance to spend on drinks and we had a blast! The bar was just a few feet from the sea and we could hear the sound of the waves mixing with the music playing from the bar itself. The party started in the beach bar, but we couldn’t just stay at one place! We continued the party on the beach itself, accompanied by the music of one of our coworkers who brought a guitar along. The end? Nope! Since the bar was closing and the beach became chilly, we switched the venue of the party to our hotel rooms where we kept the fun going until the early morning! 

The Hardest Farewell

Saturday came, and it was time to go. Some people took the last chance to swim in the sea and then we were off to our next stop, restaurant Idila! The weather had different plans though, and as it started raining we ran to the bus and went back home to Zagreb.

We can’t wait for our next team building! Want to join us on the next one? Take a look at our open applications! :D

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