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Interactive Art Workshop: Sculpting in Blender

Tuesday and Thursday mornings are reserved for learning and art skills improvement in Nanobit. The ongoing workshop theme is “Sculpting in Blender” and it’s an interactive art workshop led by our experienced 3D Artist Dino.

The workshop aroused a lot of interest among our artists, as it is practical and fun. They can track the progress of the workshop, ask questions and rewatch older lessons which they might have skipped or didn’t understand. Through continuous practice they can eventually master the 3D computer graphics software toolset - Blender.

This is, however, not the first art workshop held under the Nanobit roof.

"This is the third Workshop of this kind in Nanobit. Our artists already had a chance to learn how to create a game logo in Adobe Illustrator and how to model game props in Blender. They all are very passionate about art and enjoy learning new skills, so we initiated this type of workshops to give them the opportunity to master a software they were interested in, but never had a chance or time to learn. We are also trying to regularly implement education into our work week and facilitate exchange of skills and knowledge. It motivates people, prepares them for a greater variety of tasks and increases work efficiency in general." Iva, Art Director

"The culture of sharing knowledge helps the team develop new skills and improves it's competitive advantages. I held a Blender basics workshop and had a great time doing it. It’s great to see so many people were interested in learning something new and I'm really looking forward to upcoming workshops."  Ivor, Lead Artist

What’s especially exciting is that it’s not all in theory, our artists learn beyond the textbook! They can learn and practically apply gained knowledge. And have some fun while doing it.

"The Workshop is great because it’s more specific and less time consuming than anything else I would look for to help me learn something. It’s much easier and more pleasant to learn when you can ask the questions and get the answer on point. And with a colleague as a mentor it makes the whole learning experience much more fun." Hanja, Lead Artist



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