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Nanobit at Bug Future Show 2018

Welcome to the future!

The fifth edition of the Bug Future Show 2018 held on Wednesday, January 31st, showcased devices, trends and technologies of the future which will make our lives better, more comfortable, entertaining and more luxurious in the years to come. It also gathered some of the biggest names in the industry.

Entertaining lectures, nice atmosphere & full hall…

And yes, we were there to see it all!

The Developers Panel

Our CEO & co-founder Alan Sumina was one of the panelists in the discussion: “Developers: super-currency of the tech industry” alongside Igor Gržalja, Nebojša Biškup & Ana Petrović. He highlighted the unavoidable challenges that occur from being the biggest mobile game development studio in the entire country, such as finding experienced people in certain areas of game development in Croatia. That's why Nanobit is becoming more international every day, turning to other European countries in search of employees that match the company's needs.

10 Years of Gaming to Success

Alan also had the honor of holding a keynote lecture at BFS 2018 about the first 10 years of the company & how it got to where it is today. Nanobit was founded in 2008 as a small bedroom start-up: „At the time, the financial crisis was rocking the world but we had nothing to lose.“ said Alan, explaining that both Zoran and him worked in programming companies during college, so there was always a back-up plan. However, their app Tap & Track, one of the first health & fitness apps out there, became viral pretty fast. Instead of spending the money, it was invested in the company. Soon after, the company turned to casual games & it marked a new era for the company.

Nanobit today

Today, we are the biggest game development studio in the country, with 100 employees, offices in Hungary and Croatia as well as 19 games & 10 apps in our portfolio. Nanobit is now focused on making more complex games than before, which also means their production takes more time. When asked: „Why mobile games?”, he pointed out that: „we chose the mobile gaming market because it is bigger than PC & console game market combined and it just keeps growing”.

Finally, our CEO presented the best practices & company activities which make Nanobit an amazing place to work in, such as team buildings, group activities, student visits… The list just goes on. He also highlighted all the amazing awards Nanobit earned throughout the years & explained what it feels like to do something you love.

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